Kanchenjunga Trek Guide Cost,Price/ Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek Guide

Are you looking Kanchenjunga Trek Guide/Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek Guide in Nepal?

Kanchenjunga Trek is situated in the restricted Trekking areas of Nepal, That’s why if you are tourist and want to go there for trekking then you have to hire the Nepal Tourism Board license holder  Kanchenjunga Trek Guide. Without  Guide you can not obtain your  Kanchenjunga Trekking Permit, so you have to hire Trekking Guide from legal Local Trekking agencies in Nepal. Enjoy Nepal Treks Expedition & Tours Pvt.Ltd is Legal Registered Trekking Agency in Nepal and  provides the Guide,porter and Porterguide for Kanchenjunga Trek in Nepal. Kanchenjunga Treks is famous for Mt Kanchenjunga which is 8586m also while doing this trek trekkers can enjoy the view of Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Everest  with Makalu.When you hire Trekking Guide do not hire the Local Trekking Guide, while hiring Local Trekking Guide you can not obtain your Trekking Permit for Kanchenjunga , so to obtain your Kanchenjunga Trek Permit hire your Trekking Guide through Legal local Trekking agencies in Kathmandu Nepal. To get your Trekking Permit for Kanchenjunga you  need be 2 persons.You have to take the  2 Permits for Kanchenjunga Trekking  which are called Kanchenjunga Restricted Trekking Permit-it cost 10$ one week and you have to take the Kanchenjunga area National Park Permit- it cost  30$. There are three Permit Check Points , that places are called Tapethok-Lelep,Ghunsa and Yamphudin. Our Guide,Porter and Porterguide cost Kanchenjunga Trek in Nepal:-

Kanchenjunga Trek Guide cost is per day 30$, In this cost we include Guide’s Kanchenjunga Trekking insurance, his per day salary, Meals and accommodation but his Transport we do not include so for the Transport cost it is requested to Clients for payment. Our Guide has Trekking Guide License and he is experience about the Kanchenjunga Trek. Also friendly, honest and very helpful.

Kanchenjunga Trek Porterguide cost is per day 27$, In this cost we include Porterguide’s Kanchenjunga Trekking insurance, his per day salary, Meals and accommodation but his Transport we do not include so for the Transport cost it is requested to Clients for payment.

Kanchenjunga Trek Porter cost is per day 25$, In this cost we include Porterguide’s Kanchenjunga Trekking insurance, his per day salary, Meals and accommodation but his Transport we do not include so for the Transport cost it is requested to Clients for payment.

Kanchenjunga Trek Guide

Our Best Guides For Kanchenjunga Trek

Mr.Bansaman Rai had accomplished the Kanchenjunga Trek in 2023 of Autumn season with Slovakian clients. According to the clients, Bansaman was one of the best Guide for Kanchenjunja Trek  during their Trekking. So, he is introduced as en experience and knowledgeable Kanchenjunga Trek Guide which is informed and confirmed by these genuine Photos.

Kanchenjunga Trek (Guide Bansaman Rai)
Kanchenjunga Trek Photo (2023)
Kanchenjunga Trek Photo (2023)

Mr.Padam Rai is our Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek or Kanchenjunga Trek Guide. He went to Kanchenjunga Trek in November 2023 with Israel Clients. They ended their Kanchenjunga Trekking successfully with a joy.  Surely, We can recommend him as a super Guide for Kanchenjunga based on his experience and expert.

Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek (Padam Rai)
Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek (Padam Rai)
Kanchenjunga Trek client from Israel
Kanchenjunga Trek client from Israel

Mr.Jiwan Rai went to Kanchenjunga Trekking with UK clients in October 2023 as Kanchenjunga Trek Guide. He is an our next super experience Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek.  He was an excellent about the Kanchenjunga Trekking Guide according to clients report. Enjoy Nepal Treks Team is glad to have such a wonderful Guide who is highly

professional, understanding, helpful and well manage easy going person.

The best Guide for Kanchenjunga (Jiwan Rai)
The best Guide for Kanchenjunga (Jiwan Rai)

Mr.Nir Kumar Rai had been to Kanchenjunga Trekking with Germany clients in November 2023 as Guide for Kanchenjunga Trek and they succeed their Trekking safely. Mr. Nir Kumar (Niru) is our next best Kanchenjunga Trek Guide. He is highly professional and knowledgeable expert Guide for Kanchenjunga Trekking.

Kanchenjunga Trekking best Guide (Niru)
Kanchenjunga Trekking best Guide (Niru)
Kanchenjunga Trek Clients from Germany
Kanchenjunga Trek Clients from Germany

20 days Kanchenjuga Trekking Itinerary Guide info

Day 01: From Kathmandu fly to Bhatrapur and Drive to Phidim (1677m)

From Kathmandu domestic airport fly to Bhatrapur 50 minutes around by Budhha Airline, Shree Airline and Yeti Airline  then drive to Phidim 5 hours around.  Kathmandu to Bhatrapur flight time is 8:30 am-5:15 pm and flight cost depends on Trekking season. It cost 147$ around for Tourist and for Nepalese it cost Rs,15000 around for One way. Or if you want to drive from Kathmandu then you can drive to Birtamod and it takes 12 hours around by Local Busses and again drive 10 hours to Taplejung. Due to Long distance drive, Most of the Kanchenjunga Trekking Trekkers they fly to Bhatrapur from Kathmandu instead of Long drive. On this day, you overnight at Lodge where you get meals and Bed.

Day 02: Walk from Phidim  Village to  Phurumba Village (1800m)

After your breakfast, from Phidim Village drive 4 hours around to Taplejung or Suketar and from walk to Phurumba Village 4 hours around through the beautiful Limbu villages. Firstly, you walk downhill (700 m ) 2 hours around from Taplejung to Mitlung then walk continue to Phurumba Village 100 m uphill. There you get Lodges for an overnight and Meals.

Day 03: Walk from Phurumba Village to Chirwa Village (1270m)

You walk today 6 to 8 hours around  from Phurumba  Village to Chirwa Village. Today you walk through the Suspension bridges, Millet, Rice and cardamom terrace field. On this day, you can have your Lunch at Lingkhim and continue trek to Chirwa Village along the River Tamor. You walk today 200 m up and 730 m down around. When you arrive at Chirwa Village, there you get Lodges where you can overnight with Meals.

Day 04: Walk from Chirwa Village to Sekathum  (1650m)

From Chirwa Village to Sekathum walking, it takes 5 to 6 hours around. You walk today by crossing the River Tamor and Khola of Ghunsa. On the way, the Place is called Tapethok which place is known as Kanchenjunga Permit check Point so enter your Permit there and walk further to Sekathum. You overnight at this Place (Sekathum). During the day you walk 550 m up and 250m down approx.

Day 05: Walk from Sekathum Place  to Amjilosa (2498m)

Walk from Sekathum Place to Amjilosa 5 to hours around. You walk 930m up and 100 m down on this day. As well, you cross the Bridges. For Lunch, stop at Lamotar  then continue walk to Amjilosa and overnight there  where you get Meals too. Stay at simple teas houses (Lodges)

Day 05: Walk from Amjilosa Place to Gyabla (2725m)

From Amjilosa Place to Gyabla, it takes 5 to 6 hours around while walking.  You walk today 480 m up hill and 150m downhill during the day. Walk though the Rhododendron Forest and Bamboos. In this areas, Tibetan people live and they have yaks, Goats and Sheep. Overnight at Normal Lodges and meals

Day 06: Walk from Gyabla Place to Ghunsa (3415m)

You walk today from Gyabla Place to Ghunsa which is the biggest valley of this Vallley and it takes 6 to 7 hours while walking. You walk 880 m up and 270m down. During the day you walk along the river Trail and visit Gompas (Monastery). Ghunsa is a beautiful place and inhabitants are Buddhist religious Sherpas. You get here Small health post, School, mini hydro and small local shops. You overnight at lodges.

Day 07: Acclimatization day at Ghunsa Village  (3415m)

You have today acclimatization day at Ghunsa Village and on this day you hike up to Viewpoint which is 3950m. From the view point place, enjoy the best view of Mt. Jannu which is 7710m. you hike 4 hours around. And while hiking there, take with you some biscuits or Pack Lunch with drinking Water. You hike 535m up and down. Finally, walk back to Ghunsa for an Overnight.

Day 08: Walk from Ghunsa Village  to Kamchen (4085m)

You walk today through the Rhododendron and pine forest and on the way, you will see the Tibetan flags and  Chorten etc. Today again, you cross the River of Ghunsa. Again get an awesome view of Janu HImal 7710m. You walk 820m up and 190m down (6 hours approx) during the day. Overnight at Lodges (Kamchen Village).

Day 09: Walk from Kamchen Place to Lhonak (4780 m)

You walk today 870m up and 180m down from Kamchen Place to Lhonak and it will takes 6 hours around. On this day, you see the view of Mt Mera Peak. Overnight at Lhonak.

Day 10: hiking day at Lhonak (4780 m)

Today, you hike to North and western KBC (Kanchenjunga Base Camp) Which is 5140m. Get an incredible view of Mt Yalung 8505m and Mt Kangbachen 7902m. You walk 4 to 6 hours during the day. For this day, while hiking take your Pack Lunch and drinking Water. At the end, get back to Lhonak for an Overnight.

Day 11: Walk from Lhonak Place to Ghunsa (3415 m)

Today walk from Lhonak Place to Ghunsa 300 meters up and 1250 meters down and it will takes 7 to 8 hours approx. During the day, you have chance to see the Blue Sheep. You can have your Lunch at Kamchen and trek continue to Ghunsa. Overnight at Ghunsa.

Day 12: Walk from Ghunsa Place to Sele La Kharka (4200 m)

You walk mostly through the Rhododendron forests and rocky trail from Ghunsa to Kharka which is 920 meters up and 135 down, it will takes 5 hours approx. beside, you enjoy the view of Sarphu and Khangri. Overnight at Kharka.

Day 13: Walk from Sele La Kharka Place to Tseram (3885 m)

You walk 7 hours approx today from Kharka to Tseram Place which will be 720m up and 1000m down. You will cross the Passes which are called Sele La Pass 4480m,  mirgin la pass 4620m and Sinelapcha La Pass 4705m. Also you will see the view of Mt Makalu and Mt Everest with other peaks. Finally you arrive at Tseram and Overnight at there.

Day 14: Walk from Tseram Place to South KBC

With Pack Lunch, hike to South KBC (Kanchenjunga Base Camp) today 6 hours approx will takes which is 872m  and down. You will see Oktang Glacier, lake and Blue sheep. The Trail is ripple and rocky. After enjoying the best view of South Kanchenjunga, way back to Tseram for an Overnight.

Day 15: Walk from Tseram Place to Lamite Bhanjyang Place (3415m)

7 hours Walk, 720m up and 1120m  downhill to Bhanjyang through the Rhododendron forest and Pine trees. You will descend to warmer place along the River Simbuwa and Tortong  Place. With the enclosing view finally you will arrive at Bhanjyang for an overnight.

Day 16: Walk from Lamite Bhanjyang Place to Yamphudin (2015m)

You walk today mostly through the Rhododendron and Pine Tress 150m up and 1470m down from Lamite Bhanjyang Place to Yamphudin by crossing the River Amji. You enter the Rice terraces and village Yamphudin. You will walk 4 to 5 hours approx. Overnight at Lodge

Day 17: Walk from Yamphudin Place to Sibudin (1340m)

You walk 7 to 9 hours around from Yamphudin place to Sibudin 750 m up and 1490m down through the Millet and Rice field with two Passes. On this day, You can have your lunch at Ekchana Bhanjyan with adjoining View. After the lunch walk continue to Sibudin for an overnight

Day 18: Walk from Sibudin place  to Panchami (800m)

You walk today 4 to 5 hours approx from Sibudin to Panchami 540m down. Temperature is warm here relax your day after lunch. Overnight at Lodge.

Day 19: Drive from  Panchami Place  to  Bhatrapur (208m)

You drive today 9 to 10 hours approx to Bhatrapur via Ilam and Birtamod. Overnight here at Bhatrapur (Hotel)

Day 20: Fly From  Bhatrapur to Kathmandu

After your Kanchenjunga Trek,  again fly to Kathmandu 50 minutes around from Bhatrapur by enjoying the best Himalayan Panorama. When arrive at your hotel in Kathmandu then good bye your Nepalese staffs.

 Kanchenjuga Trekking Cost info in Package

On our Team, We organize Kanchenjunga Trek in Package as well. In package, We include Meals, Tea, Coffee, Accommodation, Transportation, Guide and Porter with their Trekking accidental insurance. Our Cost is as bellow:-

2500$ Per person

Our Includes Services for Kanchenjunga Trek:-

-3 night Hotel in Kathmandu

-Domestic Flight Tickets Kathmandu to Bhatrapur and Bhatrapur with Guide and Porter.

-3 Course Meals during the Kanchenjunga Trek

-Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate during the Kanchenjunga Trek

-Accommodation during the Kanchenjunga Trek

-Insurance for Kanchenjunga Trekking Nepalese Guide with Porters.

-Kanchenjunga Trekking Permits

-All the necessary Transportation

-Kanchenjunga Trekking duffle Bags.

-Kanchenjunga Trekking First aid and Medicine.

-Kanchenjunga Trekking Map

We do not include for Kanchenjunga Trek in our Package.

-Your Battery Charge during the Trek.

-Shower cost, you have to pay yourselves.

-Trekking Equipment

-Your Personal Travel insurance.

-Helicopter Rescue Cost in case of your accident.

-Drinking Water and your Personal expenses.

What is differences between Guide, Porterguide and Porter for Kanchenjuga Trek

Guide is professional, he speaks fluently English, he has well know knowledge about the Kanchenjunga Trekking Like Trekking Route, accommodation, Meals, Culture, Climate, Mountains, people etc. And Guide does carry the luggage of Clients.

Porterguide or Portercumguide is not compared with Guide, He knows well about the Kanchenjunga Trekking but he does not speaks fluently  English and he works  50% as Guide and 50% as Porter. Porterguide or Portercum Guide carries your Luggage 10 to 15 kg during your Trekking. If you want to hire a Porterguide for Kanchenjunga Trek, manage your Porterguide’s carrying bag yourself.

Porter carries your Luggage. He does not speak en English. He carries 20 to 25kg.

Who pays Accommodation and Meal  for Guide, Porterguide and Porter in  Kanchenjuga Trek?

-It’s all will be paid by Guide, Porterguide and Porter themselves for their Meals and accommodation during the Kanchenjunga Trek. Agency includes in their  per day Salary.

Who pays Transportation for Guide, Porterguide and Porter in  Kanchenjuga Trek?

-For the Guide, Porterguide and Porter’s Transportation cost, it is heartily requested to clients for payment. Agency does not include any kind of Transportation from Kathmandu to Kathmandu Like Domestic flight Tickets and vehicles cost.

Who pays Insurance for Guide, Porterguide and Porter in  Kanchenjuga Trek?

– Guide, Porterguide and Porter’s  insurance will be done by an Agency for Kanchenjunga Trekking. Agency priorities and does compulsory Trekking insurance for Kanchenjunga Trek Guide’s, Porter and Porterguide. Insurance is an essential to cover the risk of Nepalese staffs in case of insure or accident. Safety is on our first concern for our staffs.

Kanchenjuga Trek Permits and Cost info Guide?

– To enter the Kanchenjunga areas, Tourist Trekkers need to take Kanchenjunga Restricted areas Permit which cost 20$ Per person for a week and it requires two persons to obtain the Restricted Kanchenjunga Permit.

-And you have to take Kanchenjunga conservation areas Permit, that you can buy on the way to Kanchenjunga (Taplejung). It Cost, Rs.3000 Per person.

Kanchenjuga Trekking Guide hiring info

Kanchenjunga Trekking route is one of the restricted areas therefore to trek there, as tourist you need Legal license holder Trekking Guide. And to issue the restricted Kanchenjunga areas Permit Guide is compulsory for Kanchenjunga. Without Guide, you get not Trekking permit and enter the Kanchenjunga restricted areas.

Requires Documents for Kanchenjunga Trekking Permit info

-You need restricted areas Kanchenjunga Permit and Conservation Permit. To issue the Kanchenjunga Permits, It requires your Original Passport with Photos which is submitted through the Legal Trekking agencies in Kathmandu. As well, it’s needed Guide’s License and his Kanchenjunga Trekking insurance with Itineraries.

Can Solo Trekker take Kanchenjunga Trekking Permit?

This is informed you, while Trekking to Kanchenjunga areas that you need to be two Person. For the Solo Trekker, Kanchenjunga area is not allowed. Nepal Immigration has banned for solo Trekker to Kanchenjunga. If you are solo and planning for Trekking to Kanchenjunga, try to find the next one tourist to obtain your Kanchenjunga Trekking Permits. For it contact to Nepalese Trekking agencies, they can manage your Permits with other Kanchenjunga Trekking Trekkers.

Who Submit Kanchenjunga Trekking Permit?

Enjoy Nepal Treks Agency is legal Company in Kathmandu (Nepal) and We are authorized for organizing your both permits. Before to start your Kanchenjunga Trekking, provide us your Documents with Trekking Itineraries. If you are solo, of course you join you with our other Clients.

Kanchenjunga Trekking areas Temperature or Weather info

Kanchenjunga Weather in summer:  During the Summer Kanchenjunga areas Temperature is 10 degree Celsius 30 degree Celsius around in tentative.

Kanchenjunga Weather in autumn:   This season is major Trekking season for Kanchenjunga and Temperature is 10 to 4 degree Celsius around. At night Cold but on the day pleasing for walking.

Kanchenjunga Weather in spring:   On this season Kanchenjunga areas Temperature is 9 to 18 degree Celsius around. And This season is an another major season for Kanchenjunga Trekking.

Recommended season for Kanchenjunga Trekking

Mostly recommended season for Kanchenjunga Trek is autumn and spring season in Nepal. In this Season, Kanchenjunga Trekking Trekkers do the Trekking. These both season are only recommend for Kanchenjunga Trek. Summer and Winter Season is not comfort for Kanchenjunga areas. Winter is too cold and Summer is rainy season therefore tourist Trekkers they do not trek in this season.

How difficult is the Kanchenjunga Trekking?

Kanchenjunga trekking is not an adventure but a remote trekking in Nepal. Although, Trekkers need to physically fit and mentally preparation with all necessaries Trekking Gears. Before to start your Trek, practice for hiking and prepare for walking up to 5100m.  Be ready to sleep at simple lodges and ready to eat Local Food, do not expect the luxury.

Important Trekking gears for  Kanchenjunga Trekking

First of all, while entering the Kanchenjunga areas prepare your well trekking sleeping bag

-Prepare your trekking jackets (Waterproof, Windproof and Down), Trekking trousers, Drinking Water Bottle, Hot Bag, Trekking shoes, Lamp, first aid kit, Trekking Bag and Duffel Bag, Sun and lip cream, Trekking poles, Woolen hat, T-shirts, Socks, Sandal, Shampoo, sanitizer, Trekking Boat, Gloves , Brush and paste, spikes and your daily use personal things.

-And an enough cash Trekking Budget.

Electricity and internet in Kanchenjunga Trekking

You get Solar and mini hydropower in Kanchenjunga areas where you can charge your batteries of Camera and Mobile. But it not free, that you have to pay some cost according to Lodge owner. Internet wifi, you get not everywhere but off course at some places. And internet does not work properly in this areas.

Drinking Water in Kanchenjunga Trekking

You get not everywhere mineral water in Kanchenjunga trekking due the remote areas therefore drink refill Tap Water and Boiled Water. It is recommend to drink per day 3 liter more. Tap Water and spring Water you get on the way and at the lodges.

ATM  in Kanchenjunga Trekking

ATM you get at the Bhatrapur and at Taplejung. After these places you will do not find the ATM in Kanchenjuga Trekking, so it is informed you that need cash for your Trek. At the lodges, you can not pay by your card and dollars. At lodges, they do the business in Cash (Rupees). Dollar and Euro they can not change there so they comfort in Nepalese currency.

Accommodation Price  in Kanchenjunga Trekking

Accommodation cost Rs,500 to 1000 which is depends on lodges and places during the Kancjenjunga Trek but it cost an expensive at Bhatrapur and Taplejung. In accommodation you get Bed for sleeping with Room at lodges. Due the remote place accommodation is an expensive in Kanchenjunga areas. And you overnight at simple lodges at the most of places.

Food and drinks  in Kanchenjunga Trekking

Kanchenjunga Trek is a remote areas trekking of Nepal therefore you get there normal food like Macaroni, Noodles, Thukla, spaghetti , Tibetan breads, Soups, Sherpa stew, Dal bhat, Fry Rice, Pasta, Pizza, Sandwich, potatoes, Corn flakes, Pancake, Muesli, Granola and Mushroom etc, and in drink you get there Black and Milk tea, Coffee, Ginger, Lemon Tea with Honey.

How many days requires for  Kanchenjunga Trekking

We have 20 days Kanchenjunga Trekking Itinerary which is 220 km around. You walk per day 4 to 8 hours around. At the moment, Kanchenjunga Trek is one of the most favorite Treks in Nepal among the other Trekking Treks. Although less tourist go the Kanchenjunga while comparing with other Trek of Nepal. For Nature and Culture lover, Kanchenjunga Trek is the best.

How much money requires for  Kanchenjunga Trek in per day

You need 45$ to 50$ around per day per person for Meals and accommodation while Trekking to Kanchenjunga. While comparing with others trek in Nepal, Kanchenjunga Trekking also an expensive. This cost is in tentative, In this amount you can you can have your Meals, accommodation with Wifi and battery Charge, Water, Shower etc.

Kathmandu to Bhatrapur and Bhatrapur to Kathmandu Flight Cost info

Kathmandu to Bhatrapur or Bhatrapur to Kathmandu flight Cost 147$ for the Tourist and for the Nepalese Guide it cost Rs,15000/- This cost depends on Season. Kathmandu to Bhatrapur flight duration is 45 to 50 minute around. You can fly by Yeti, Budha and Shree Airlines. Kathmandu to Bhatrapur Flight is amazing and scenery for the Himalaya Panorama.

From Where to start Kanchenjunga Trek and Where to end?

Kanchenjuga Trek is started from Bhatrapur after flying from Kathmandu and end at Bhatrapur after finishing trek.  Kanchenjunga Trek is 20 days Trek according to our Itinerary.  If you do not want to fly then you can drive to Birtamod from Kathmandu. Due to the long distance drive most of Tourist and Trekkers take flight instead of Drive. Choice is up to you as per your decision.

Lodges or accommodation in Kanchenjunga Trek

You get simple Tea house or Lodges in Kanchenjunga Trekking but it an enough and  good for meal and overnight. Lodges are not standard like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek . Kanchenjunga is completely less touristic and remote Trek in Nepal that’s why some of Trekking are doing still Camping Trek in Kanchenjunga areas.

People and their Culture or Religion in Kanchenjunga Trek

In Kanchenjunga areas, People live Limbu, Rai, Tamang and Sherpa community. Sherpa people are Buddhist, Rai and limbu are Kiranti. They have caste diversity although they don’t have problem in Religion and Culture. They are freedom for their caste system and Culture.

What does the People for living in Kanchenjunga Areas?

Local People are farmer and they have cow, Yak, Goat, Buffalo and they are involving in Tourism business also at the present. Their main agro is Millet, Rice, Cardamom, and potatoes, Maize, Wheat, Buckwheat and Barley. Also Sherpas people sell Yak Butter

Is it possible to do Camping Trek in Kanchenjunga?

Of course, Camping Trek is still on practice in Kanchenjunga Trekking. For it, we have an experience Trekking Guide, Cook, Helper and Porters. As well, We have Camping equipment. If you are interested to Camping Trek, We provide you our all trekking equipment and staffs.

We have our Agency Equipment as bellow for Kanchenjunga Trekking:-

-Kanchenjunga Trekking Camping Tents.

-Kanchenjunga Trekking Kitchen with Chairs.

-Camping Kitchen staffs

-Kanchenjunga Trekking Duffel Bags.

-Kanchenjunga Trekking first aid Kit.

-Kanchenjunga Trekking Mattress and Pillow with Water Bag.

High Passes in Kanchenjunga Trekking?

While doing the Kanchenjunga Trekking, you cross three Passes Which are called Selela Pass, Mirgin la pass and Sinion la Pass. These Passes are above the 4000m. These Passes offer you the best view of Panorama although you get tiredness physically due to the high passes. On the pass day, prepare your Packed Lunch and drinking Water from the Lodges.

Best Trekking Agency for Kanchenjunga Trek in Nepal

Enjoy Nepal Treks Agency has been organizing the Kanchenjunga Trek since 2017 as Legal Company in Nepal. Our staffs have been there many times and succeed the Kanchenjunga Trek safely. Based on our experience and professional Team, We say our Agency able to organize your Kanchenjunga Trek. We organize your Kanchenjunga Trekking as per your need like package, Guide, Porter and Portercumguide or Porterguide.

Altitude Sickness and Prevention in Kanchenjunga Trek

Some of Trekkers get an altitude sickness in Kanchenjunga Trekking, so avoid the altitude sickness do as bellow mentioned Guideline:-

-Do not hurry and walk slowly

-Daily drinks 3 ltr plus Water

-Avoid alcohol and smoke during your Trek

-Eat and Sleep well.

-Prepare your well  Kanchenjunga Trekking equipmet

-Take with you first aid medicine kit

-In case of an altitude sickness walk 500 m up and sleep 300m lower.

-Walk with Guide and Porter.

-Communicate your Guide and share your Problem.

Kanchenjunga is safe for Trekking?

Do not worry about it when you trek to Kanchenjunga in Nepal. At the present, on the Kanchenjunga Trekking route lodges and meals available that’s why you can trek to Kanchenjunga safely. And Locals are friendly, helpful and understanding as well they respect to tourist.

Shower, Laundry and Toilet in Kanchenjunga Trek?

Because of the remote Trekking, in Kanchenjunga you get simple or normal Bucket and Gas shower at the most of places and Toilet you get simple, not like in Kathmandu. We say, Village standard Toilet you get. And during the Kanchenjunga Trekking you get not laundry for your clothes. For the laundry you need to get back Kathmandu.

Best Highlights of Kanchenjunga Trekking

-You get an opportunity to explore 2nd highest mountain of Nepal Mt Kanchenjunga which is 8586m and famous for expedition since 1955 of May.

-During the Kanchenjunga Trek, get the best view of Mt Makalu, Mera Peak, Kumbakarna Peak, Rathong Peak, Kabru Dome etc.

-Visit Kanchenjunga Base Camp which is 5140m and explore Glacier.

-Kanchenjunga area is a traditional place and ethnic inhabitants  are known as Sherpa, Limbu, Gurung and Rai.

-Kanchenjunga areas is one of the famous restricted Trekking route in Nepal where you can see the snow leopard, Pleasant, Wild Goats, Money, Musk Deer, Yaks, Blue Sheep, Red Panda and Black Bear animals.

-You cross the high passes Like Sele La Pass, Tamo La pass, Sinon La Pass and Mirgin La Pass.

-Visit Illam which is famous for Tea.

-More than 23 species and colors Rhododendron you can see in the Kanchenjunga areas. As well Pine forest.

-Buddhist Monasteries (Gompas), Buddhist Flags you get on the way.

– Traditional types of farming and cultivation.

-You have chance to see the 550 species beautiful birds within the Kanchenjunga Conservation or National Park areas.

Why to hire your  Kanchenjunga Trek Guide/Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek Guide in Nepal with Enjoy Nepal Treks Expedition & Tours Pvt.Ltd.?

-Agency provides Trekking Guide,Porter,Porterguide with their Trekking insurance.

-Agency is Legal and arranges your Trekking Kanchenjunga Trekking permits.

-Agency has very helpful, experience, friendly and honest Guides, Porters and porterguides.

-Agency arranges your Domestic flight Ticket and Transportation.

-Enjoy Nepal Treks is Local Trekking Company in Nepal.

-Agency aim to work in reasonable cost for the staffs.

-Agency provides not only the Trekking Guide, Porter and Porterguide services but based on clients interested and need agency organizes the Budget Trekking as well.

Note: We provide our Trekking Guide, Porter and Porterguide for Kanchenjunga Trek in Nepal from Kathmandu. To obtain the Kanchenjunga Trek Permit it requires the License holder Trekking Guide so we do not provides Locals. And Locals has not Trekking Insurance which mandatory while processing for your Kanchenjunga Trek permit at Nepal Immigration office.

Kanchenjunga Trekking Seasons: for the Kanchenjunga Trek Autumn and Spring  seasons are recommended. Summer season is rainy season in Nepal, so do not trek to Kanchenjunga areas in Summer and Winter season is cold season in Nepal although Weather is clear therefore if you have proper Trekking equipment then you can trek in this season.

Watch us on Kanchenjunga Trek Guide on YouTube 

Our Contact info for Kanchenjunga Trek in Nepal:-

What’sapp: +977-9808042808 (Ras)

Email: nepalvisit52@gmail.com or info@enjoynepaltreks.com

Address: Kapan 12 Kathmandu-Nepal

Agency: Enjoy Nepal Treks Expedition & Tours Pvt.Ltd.

Kanchenjunga Trek Guide Contact info


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