Khopra-Mardi Himal trek 17-25 days with experience Guide

Khopra-Mardi Himal trek 17-25 days

  •   Duration: 17-25 daysDays
  •   Activities: Trekking, Hiking and Sightseeing Tours
  •   Country: Nepal
  •   Trip Grade:
  •  Group size: 1-15
  •  Max Elevation: Khopra3660M./Mardi Himal3900m.
  •  Difficulty:Easy
  •   Departure City: Kathmandu
  •  Trip style: Lodge Trek
  •   Price:Price on request
  •  Best Season: Feb - Jun and August – Dec
  •  Meals: refer to itinerary

Holiday Overview

     Khopra-Mardi Himal trek lies in Annapurna Region.This trekking route is New,alternative   and easy to trek  for the all of ages people.And we can make short and long trekking itinerary programs.

  This trek offer you very nice scenic view of Annapurna Range,Dhaulagiri,Nilgiri,Manaslu Mountains also you can walk into dense Rhododendron Nepali national flowers,Bamboos.And you can experience the Local Residents  life styles,cultures,Hospitality,villages.

     Which is really you experience the Nepal trekking.This trek is easy with acclimatize because not high altitude like another trekking. And we can make itinerary according to clients wish, needs it is possible to do.

     And you can enough enjoy, experience the Mountains views,people,Cultures,flora,fauna,trails.In this trekking route less tourists but really  very nice for the view like better than Ghorepani.You can have very beautiful different Photos from your trip.

     You can make separate trek also like just khopra or  Mardi Himal if you have short time but if you have enough time you can make Khopra and Mardi Himal trek together,which offer you more enjoy and you experience more.Also we can see Yaks ,Shepherd on the way.

     We offer you this trek for the Christmas also and for the Rhododendron blossom March and April is  the best time. Because   you get feelings like paradise with dense Rhododendron blossom forest and Scenic mountain views.It can be unforgettable moment for your life trekking .

     This can be started from Kande,Nayapul,Phedi also.You can make this trek with Ghorepani poon hill also but this trek is very busy so i would like to suggest to make this trip start from Nayapul,purna Gaun,where you enjoy the real trek in Nepal,But mostly lodges are common but nice for the trekking in Nepal.

     In this Trek the people are mostly Magar and Gurungs. Religions are Hindu and Buddhists  and some of them Christians.But they have harmony relations among them.

Mardi and Khopra trek can be  introduce as Winter trek either.


Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m.)Drive to your Hotel

Day 2:Kathamdnu to Pokhara(820m.) (Drive 7-8hrs or fly to  Pokhara 20-25minute

Day 3:Pokhara to Purnagaun(1705m.)6-7hrs.

Need to drive 1and half hrs from Pokhara to Nayapul after your breakfast in the morning.When you reach Nayapul, near the Hotel Buddha turn right ,after few hundred meters continues walking from the highway turn left and descend to suspension  bridge over the Modi river.

Continue to follow the blue white signs gently climb up with dirt road then come Aate village (1030m.),Kalyani village(1080m.),Makha village(1170m.),differences are about 25minute between each villages. Again ascend steps to Deupur Maidan village(1.25hrs)from Makha village with beautiful forests and farming landscapes.

Where is available temple,school,loccal shops,homestay,local dalbhat foods, electricity. Then follow the continue blue marker or signs and after 25 minutes you reach to Deupur Jogithum(1600m.)

Here is also home stay shower and toilet but  outside like in Maidam village.Then walk along the dirt road  about 40 minute to Purnagaun.Availables are one  tea house,purna Gaun guest house.The people are Hindu and Buddhist and some of cristians religions, castes Magar and Gurungs  .Here is available local shops, Toilet and Bucket shower on request. Call:9847771337

Day4:Purna Gaun to Lespar (2015m.)6-7hrs.

After walking 10minute you find the resting place and follow again the Blue white marker tail continue to Langdi village total 1hrs.from purna gaun to Langdi village. Available are home stay,post office,temple ,electricity.The place is surrounding by green hills and fine views of the neighboring village.

Then walk continue the middle of the village just below the Temple,high trees,follow the blue/whites signs.In a few minute you come near the last house,then follow the lower flat trail not climb the steps.After 20-25 minutes  you enter the forest and climb gently up dense Rhododendron forest trail and come Ghurungalek(2120m.)within 2 hrs.

from here you can see the beautiful village Lespar.Again walk continue to Chhupeni village( 2215m.)where  is 3 empty little houses.Then descend to Lower Lespar village where come school from the school turn left then walk 5minutes down steps and comes Laxmi Hotel and Restaurant.It is the nice hotel of the village.At upper Lespar you can find the homestay.

Facilities are Internet,Phone,post office,health post,electricity, proper drinking water supply.Better to have pack lunch and water for this day.Call:9847734200/9805177583

Day5:Lespar to Nangi(2260m.)6-7hrs.

For today also better to have pack lunch because on the way there is no tea houses.from the middle part of village turn right and come school and you reach resting place cross it then come trail juction.Then follow the upper forest trail( left)climb up hill and steep finally arrive at small pass Resting place (2450m.)within 2hrs.Enjoy the view of Dhaulagiri range, dense forests,shajila village.

from here follow the flat left trail with blue white signs about 40 minutes then you arrive to Gaira kharka(2495m.)here is small house and Buffalo shelters and continue to walk little pass Thadako danda Chautari (2520m.)2-3hrs.steep following by blue/white signs right trail.Enjoy the view of Annapurna south,Hiuchuli,Nilgiri.

from here just cross the pass and come down other side.Before Nangi village goes down steep till the dirt road 1.5km. from road  turn right continue to looking like chortern 10 minutes. Then you separate from the road follow upper trail.

finally arrive Nangi Community lodge which has 10 rooms,20 beds,toilet,solar heated shower,Food is menu system.From here also enjoy the view of Dhaulagiri,Nilgiri,Annapurna range.Also here is available telephone, electricity, drinking water and people are Hindu and Buddhist.Call:9857622028

Day6:Nangi to Moharedanda (3300m.)6-7hrs.

Today also better to have pack lunch and drinking water because on the way there is no tea houses.From your lodge follow the continue blue/white signs.from the Chautari climb up and enter the forest,First flat then up.Then come little pass within 2hrs.Then go down from the other side a bit flat and climb up to Humpal pass(3098m.)strenuous climb 2hrs. over the pass shelter with tin roof.

Then from the other side descend a bit ,walk along flat trail and up into the forest.Finally you arrive house of Maharedanda.from here enjoy the view of Annapurna,Dhaulagiri,Manalsu sunrise and sunset over the mountains and forest.

food is menu system, Community lodge, 10 rooms,20 beds,porter house,fire heated dining hall,wifi internet,toilet ,bucket shower on

Day7:Rest day

Day8:Moharedanda to Swanta(2260m.) 6-7hrs.

     From here descend into dense Rhododendron forest by following blue/white signs within 1 hrs arrive Chautari(3040m.) where is small pond, Temple on the left corner.Then continue to grassy open land where is blue/white signs and some small rocks.Do not turn right and left just cross and enter the forest

Then go down through the forest,grassy slopes and follow the red and white flag high wooden pole and walk steeply down to Phulbari Guest house(2835m.) within 50min- is 5 rooms 10 beds,toilet and bucket shower,fire heated dining hall,food menu system.

After 15 min Rhododendron forest walking  down to Danda kharka(2750m.)here also facilities are as at Phulbari.Then walk to Phalante(2270m.)4hrs.aprox.Follow the flat clear trail in the dense forest 20min.And continue to walk then pass the little Chautari(2670m.)and down on the other side into the dense forest,after flat walk gently down then arrive at a house with well protected fields from here enjoy the view of Dhaulagiri.From here walk descend a Chautari then enter the forest.Trail is confusing,so see the planete and still downhill then come another Chautari.

Again descend down steps,arrive a big wall protecting fields,cross wooden ladder then follow blue/white signs on electric pole, house wall.And join the dirt road near the school,Then Planate to swanta 1hrs aprox.  here is couple of basic lodges.After the gate of school descend down follow the blue/white signs through the village,forest to suspension bridge over kholang khola 30-40min.And from the other side climb to Swanta village 30min aprox.

Here are 2 lodges swanta guest house,10 rooms,21 beds and trekker sanctury lodge 7rooms 15 beds.Available menu system food,hot bucket shower, dining ,electric light,enjoy the Tukuche peak ,annapurna south. Residents are poon mager Hindu.Call:9857622028

Day9: Swanta to Dhan Kharka/Kristibang(2990m.)6hrs.

     Swanta to Aachal kharaka(2600m.)3-4hrs and Aachal kharka to Dhan kharka/Christibang(2950m.) walking.

      Follow the blue/white signs behind the school crossing by big house then enter the forest trail,climb steeply up into the dense forest.Then descend to  the descend to Dhaste khore khola,by crossing the wooden bridge 3hrs aprox turn right and climb up hill to Aahal kharka aprox 45min.

There is ever green rest cottage where you can have normal dhalbhat,potato,noodle soup,tea, coffee  for lunch.sleeping room is not available.From here again follow the trail climb up blue/white signs oak Rhododendron forest to Dhan kharka/Cristibang 1.30-2hrs.aprox.

The place surrounding green forest.There is 2 lodges are opened Hotel Rockland and Restaurant 9 rooms,18 beds and Community lodge 10 rooms,20 beds.Menu system food,fire heated  dining hall,solar light,toilet,bucket shower on resquest.Call: 9847603971

Day10:Dhan kharka /Cristibang to Khopra Danda(3660m.)3-4hrs.

Follow the blue/white signs near the Community lodge.Walk trail flat first and up into the forest until kharka(pasture)then enter the forest again climb up then you arrive trail junction man made small pond for animal drinking water.From here continue to left then climb up steeply and cross the chautari ,enjoy the view of  Dhaulagiri range,Annapurna south,Tukuche peak,Nilgiri,sunset and sunrise.

There is Community lodge and lodge has 10 rooms,20beds.if the rooms are full tents are available.Wifi internet,solar light,food menu system,hot bucket shower on request.Call:9857622028.

Day11:Res day or Khopra day trip

     –hike to Khayar lake at 4600m.same way return 9hrs total takes.lake if famous hindu site occasion of Janaipurnima(july,August)specially high caste Brahman Hindu and Indean, but on the way there is no blue/white signs.

– less hike Thanti 4200m.shelter for yak herders and shepherds.

Day12:Khopra danda to Bayeli Kharka(3460m.)4-5hrs

     from here return down by following blue/white signs.On the way Bamboo, Rhododendron forest,You cross today mainly 3 different pasture(danda)first shelter for yak ,second  pasture, third ruin.Near the ruin blue/white signs walk straight and enter Rhododendron forest.Walk flat some of min then arrive Chautari trail junction.After crossing Chautari climb up Rhododendron forest and arrive at Bayeli.

At Bayali kharka there is Community lodge,lodge has 8 rooms,16 beds.If the rooms are not sufficient, owner  provide tents.Enjoy the Dhaulagiri again and landscape .Facilities  are fire heated dining room.Toilet,hot bucket shower,on request.(from here possible to do hiden lake lodge available,also 5 hrs  go and return 3-4 hrs Bayeli kharka)Call:9857622028

Day13:Bayeli Kharka to Tadapani(2590m.)5-6hrs

     Bayeli to Dobato 2hrs,Dobato to Isharu 1.30hrs,Isharu to Meshar 45min-1hrs,Meshar to Tadapni 1.45min.

From the lodge go up 10 min then descend down steep continue further until flat and steep then you arrive Dobato 3426m.within 2hrs.There are 3 lodges,toilets are common,Bucket shower,food menu system.from here you can enjoy the view of Fish tail,Annapurna south,Annapurna 2,4,Lamjung Himal

Then begin flat and down into  the Rhododendron forest,Bmboo,pine forest. enter the narrow gorge by following blue/white signs. After the forest turn left for a few minutes and climb up and cross the little pass where is tin roof Temple and come down to Isharu within 1.30hrs.There is also some of hotels,food menu system.

from here walk again dense forest downhill and sometimes flat.follow the bue/white signs.within 45-1hrs arrive at Meshar,here is also some of lodges.And again from here descend peaceful forest with mix flat .Within 1.45hrs you arrive at Tadapani.Here are more then 8 lodges.

Day 14: Tadapani to  to Chhomrong (2170m.) 5-6 hours.overnight at Lodge.

Day 15:  Chhomrong to Forest camp (3050m.) 6-7 hrs.overnight at Lodge.

Day16:Rest day

Day 17:  Forest Camp to High Camp (3900m.) 5-6 .overnight at Lodge.

Day 18: Hike to Mardi Himal Base camp with pack lunch (4500m.) 6 hrs . overnight at Lodge.

Day 19:  High Camp to Forest Camp (3050m.) 4-5 hrs.overnight at Lodge.

Day 20:  Forest Camp to Kande walk and drive to Pokhara

Day21:drive to chitwan

Day22:sightseeing in Chitwan

Day23: Drive to kathmandu

Day24:Rest day in kathmandu

Day 25:Departure to international Airport.


Khopra trekking Itinerary 15 days

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m.)Drive to your Hotel

Day 2:Kathamdnu to Pokhara(820m.) (Drive 7-8hrs or fly to  Pokhara 20-25minute

Day 3:Pokhara to Purnagaun(1705m.)6-7hrs.

Day4:Purna Gaun to Lespar (2015m.)6-7hrs.

Day5:Lespar to Nangi(2260m.)6-7hrs.

Day6:Nangi to Moharedanda (3300m.)6-7hrs.

Day7:Moharedanda to Swanta(2260m.) 6-7hrs.

Day8: Swanta to Dhan Kharka/Kristibang(2990m.)6hrs.

 Day9:Dhan kharka /Cristibang to Khopra Danda(3660m.)3-4hrs.

.Day10:Res day or Khopra day trip

Day11:Khopra danda to Bayeli Kharka(3460m.)4-5hrs

Day12:Bayeli Kharka to Tadapani(2590m.)5-6hrs

Day13:Tadapani to Landruk

Day14:landruk to Pokhara

Day15:Pokhara to katmandu

Day16:sightseeing in Kathmandu

Day17:Departure to international airport.


Important Note :

If the above itinerary does not meet your needs, wishes,  itinerary can be customized as per your requirement.


What is included?

  •  Airport pick up drop by private vehicles
  •  Welcome dinner in the Kathmandu.
  •  2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast at 3-star hotel in Kathmandu
  •  2 nights accommodation with breakfast at 3-star hotel in Pokhara
  •  Half day sightseeing tour in Kathmandu with cultural tour guide
  •  Entrance fees for various sight seeing
  •  All trekking permit fees and government taxes
  •  Transfer to Pokhara by Private vehicle or public Bus
  •  3 courses meal (breakfast, Lunch, dinner) tea, coffee, chocolate during the trek
  •  Lodge accommodation during the trek
  •  A highly experienced, friendly English speaking guide daily allowances and Insurance
  •  Porter daily allowances and Insurance (1 porter between two person basis) Max.30 kg.
  •  Assistant guide for group above 4 person
  •  All necessary paper work and permits (ACAP, Trekking permit)
  •  A comprehensive medical kit
  •  All government and local taxes
  •  All ground transportation
  •  Fare well dinner in Kathmandu
  •  Departure to Airport.

What is not included?

  •  Lunch and dinner during stay in Pokhara and Kathmandu
  •  Personal expenses, Personal equipments and Sleeping Bag
  •  All kind of beverage including mineral water, hot water and alcoholic drinks
  •  Travel insurance
  •  Nepal visa fee
  •  International air fare
  •  Tips and gratuities for trekking staff and drivers

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