Manaslu Trek Guide Cost, Price /Guide for Manaslu Circuit in Nepal

Manaslu Trek Guide

Are you looking  for Manaslu Trek Guide in Nepal?

Manaslu Trek is one of the Most Popular Trek in Nepal within the Restricted Trekking areas. In restricted Trekking areas when you go for trekking as Tourist, necessity to  hire Nepali Trekking Guide in those days. Without Nepalese Trekking Guide Tourists have been unauthorized to Manaslu or in Restricted areas of Nepal. For that Reason it is compelled to hire Nepalese Trekking Guide when you anticipate for the restricted Manaslu areas.On your requires, We arrange Manaslu Trek Guide and Trekking Permit in Nepal. Our agency is legally Registered since 2017. We are allow to arrange the Manaslu Trek Permit with Manaslu Trek Guide or Porter and Porterguide in Nepal.Our Manaslu Trek Guide are experience and professional and we provide from Kathmandu Nepal for all Manaslu areas Trekking. Manaslu Trek is strictly prohibited to go for solo Tourist and without Trekking Guide, So that if you are solo  we join you for your Manaslu Trek Permit and provide you Trekking Guide.When you have plan for Trekking to Manaslu area in Nepal, You have to hire Trekking Guide Compulsory. Without Trekking Guide your Manaslu Trek restricted area Permit will be not issue and while entering the Manaslu there are check post on the way where you need to have License holder Trekking Guide. We have service Trekking Guide, Porter and porterguide in Nepal. Our Cost is as bellow:-

Guide Cost is 27$ Per day (English Speaking)

Porterguide Cost is 25$ per day

Porterguide is 20$ Per day

(This cost includes Manaslu Trek Guide’s/Porter and Porterguide Per day Salary,his Meals,Accommodation and Trekking insurance, but  Transport has been not included in this cost)

Manaslu Trek Guide

Manaslu Trek Guide Cost

Manaslu Trek Guide Insurance
Manaslu Trek Guide Insurance

What else need to know for Manaslu Trek in Nepal?

Foremost information which are as bellow:-

-Get the Manaslu Restricted Trekking Permit

-Get the Manaslu Conservation area Project Permit

-Get the Annapurna  Conservation area Project Permit

Above the mentioned all Permit you need for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal which are as bellow on the Picture.Trekking permits you cont not issue yourselves, to issue your Trekking Permit go through the Local legal registered Trekking agencies in Nepal.

Manaslu Trek Permit
Manaslu Trek Permit

What else important document for  Manaslu Trek Permit?

-Original Passport (Nepal Visa valid)

-Original Passport (Nepal Visa Number)

-Passport Size photo 3PP

-Manaslu Trek Itinerary with entry and exit date

-Manaslu Trek Itinerary with entry and exit Place

-Manaslu Trek Guide’s Trekking Insurance.

-Agency Permit Submission and Guaranty Letter.

-Tax Clearance & Nepal Rastra Bank Paper.

-Manaslu Trek Guide License with Guide Citizenship.

-Manaslu Restricted areas Permit Fee.

-MCAP and ACAP fee.

How many person need to be  for  obtaining the  Manaslu Trek Permit?

To obtain the Manaslu Trek Permit,  Tourists you need to be  at list 2 persons. If you are solo for the Manaslu Trek then you should join the Trekking Permit with other groups.If you are single person then you  can join your Manaslu Permit with other fixed departure Groups. To know the fixed departure groups contact to Trekking agencies in Kathmandu Nepal. It is possible to do if there are fixed departure Group.  But it requires  same date(starting and end) For the solo trekker Manaslu Trekking permit has been strictly banned. That’s why you need to 2 persons to obtain your Trekking Manaslu Trek Permit and Trekking Guide.

Who arrange the Manaslu Trek Permit in Nepal?

Legally registered Trekking agencies are only authorized to arrange  the  Manaslu Trek Permit. Our Agency is Legal  that’s why we are able to arrange your Manaslu Trek Permit.Enjoy Nepal Treks Expedition & Tours Pvt.Ltd is Legal Trekking agency in Nepal, therefore we can manage your Trekking Permit for Manaslu Trekking. Also we provide your Trekking Guide. We are located at Kapan 12 Kathmandu Nepal.Our staffs are very helpful, strong, knowledgeable and friendly, so just contact us if you need Trekking Guide and Trekking Permit Management. We assist you with a great pleasure.

Can go tourist Manaslu Trek without Nepalese Trekking Guide?

Manaslu Trek is prohibited to without Nepalese Trekking Guide.You have to hire through the Legal local Trekking agencies in Kathmandu. for the Fit, this Treks has been closed. So you have to take your Manaslu Trekking Permit trough Trekking agencies with License holder Trekking Guide. If you go without Trekking Guide, you will be not able to enter at the Check Point. At that time you have to show your Trekking Permit with Trekking Guide. Therefore hire your Trekking Guide with Trekking Agencies in Kathmandu and your Trekking Guide. It is informed you very kindly do not go without Guide. You are not allow to enter at the Permit check Point in Manaslu areas.

How to hire Manaslu Trek Guide in Nepal?

We have provide  Manaslu Trekking Guide in Nepal. If you  need Guide you can hire with us. Our Guides who are as bellow:-

Jiwan Rai:  Jiwan Rai is Trekking  Guide in Nepal. He is originally from Solukhumbu district(Lower Everest Region).He has been to Manaslu Circuit Trek More than 100 times. He speaks English Language. He is a honest and very helpful Trekking Guide at our agency.

Mingmar Sharpa :  Mingmar Sherpa is originally from Solukhumbu district(Lower Everest Region) of Nepal. He is one of the best Trekking Guide and Camping Trekking cook. He speaks Multi languages (Germany and English) He did the many treks in Nepal. Of course, he did Manaslu as well many times.

 Jaybir Rai: Jayabir Rai has been working as Porterguide. He has been to Manaslu Trek more than 10 times. He speaks an English for the communication. He is from Lower Everest Region(Nepal).He has been working at our Agency since 2017.He is an adventure Trekker. He did the Dhaulagiri and Everest 3 passes Trek as well.

Bal Kumar Magar: Bal Kumar Magar is an experience Trekking Guide in Nepal. He is working at your agency since 2023. He is from Solukhumbu district of Nepal(Lower Everest Region) He did the Manaslu Trek more than 100 times.

Manaslu Trek Guide-Bal Kumar Magar

Bansaman Rai: Banasman Rai is Trekking Guide, he went to Manaslu more than 100 times as Trekking. He live in Kathmandu presently, but he is originally from Lower Everest Region of Nepal. He has been working in Nepal Tourism sector since long time.

Kaman Rai: Kaman Rai is very experience and old Trekking Guide. He did Manaslu trek more than 500 times until now. He did all treks in Nepal. He was born in Lower Everest Region. He is a fine Camping Trekking cook as well in Nepal.

Bishan  Rai: Bishan Rai is Trekking Guide, Peak climbing Guide and Camping Trekking cook. He has done the Manaslu Trek as well more than 10 times.(He did adventure Dhaulagiri Treks, Aphu Lapcha pass Trek, Tashi Lapcha pass Trek and He climbed the  Mt.Himlung 7126m.)

Manaslu Trek Guide Bishan Rai

Saroj  Rai: Saroj  Rai is a young Trekking in Nepal but he did many adventure Treks which are called Himlung Expedition, Aphu Lapchha pass Trek, Dhaulagiri Trek and of course he has done Manaslu circuit.

Manaslu Trek Guide Saroj Rai

Chandra Pravat Rai: Chandra Pravat Rai is Trekking  Guide, he from Solukhumbu district (Lower Everest Region). He has been working as Porterguide. He did the Manaslu more than 5 times.

Manaslu Trek Guide Chadra Pravat

Nir Kumar Rai: Nir Kumar is Trekking  Guide and Peak climbing guide. He did many treks in Nepal as well he climbed Many Peaks in Nepal. He has an experience for Manaslu  Trek of course. He is high altitude, high passes and Climbing Guide.

Tes Kumar  Rai: Tes Kumar Rai Trekking Guide, he has been working in Nepal Tourism since 2002. He has long an experience of Nepal Treks. He did the Manaslu Trek more than 200 times. He is from Lower Everest Region of Nepal.

Manaslu Trek Guide Tes kumar Rai

 How about Local Guide for Manalsu Trek?

Local Guide are not able to work for Manaslu, belong to Nepal immigration rules it requires Nepal Tourism license Holder trained Trekking Guide requires, So  that you have to hire the Legal and professional Trekking Guide at Legal Trekking agencies In Kathmandu Nepal. Trekking agencies do not recommend Local Guide because to issue your Manaslu Restricted Trekking permit it requires Legal trained license holder Trekking Guide with all necessaries papers like, Insurance of Trekking Guide, Valid Trekking Guide license and citizenship etc. Without fulfill the all necessaries paper agencies are now allow to submit and issue your Manaslu areas Restricted Trekking Permit.

Online Porter and Guide forums Can arrange the trekking Permit for  Manalsu Trek?

Online Porter and Guide forums can not  arrange the  Manaslu Trek Permit. Legal Registered Trekking agency can only arrange the Manaslu Trek permit. At the present there are so many Manaslu Trek Guide forums but that forums are not Trekking agencies that’s why forums can not issue your Manaslu Trekking restricted Permits in Nepal. Forums are not legal to provide Manaslu Trek Guide in Nepal and not qualified to arrange your all necessaries Trekking Permit for Manalsu. If you have plan for Trek to Manalsu and if you are looking for hiring Guide then of course hire with Legal local Trekking agencies who can provide Guide and arrange your Trekking permit in Nepal.

Tourist can get directly Trekking Permit  for  Manalsu Trek without Trekking Agency?

It is not allow and provide the the Manaslu trek permit directly to Tourist.  Manaslu Trekking Permit is issued only by the Legal Registered Trekking Agency in  Kathmandu Nepal. You need to join at Trekking agency to obtain your Manaslu Trek Permit. Still there are not rules for providing Trek Permit directly to tourist Trekker in Nepal for Manaslu Restricted areas. Go through the Local legal Trekking agencies in Nepal. And your Trekking Permit you can get only in Kathmandu, you will not get or provide on the way to Manaslu areas. It is compulsory to take your Manaslu areas restricted Trekking Permit in Kathmandu before starting your Trek. Read and prepare all the necessaries requirement or Guidelines for Manaslu Circuit Trek  or Manaslu Trek Guide before start your Trek.

Why to book Manaslu Trek Guide with us?

-We are Local Trekking Agency.

-We are legal and Registered Trekking Agency.

-We work legally.

-We arrange your Manaslu Trek Permit.

-We have an experience Trekking Guide for Manaslu and Porter/Porterguide

-We have honest and very helpful Trekking Guide,Porter and  Porterguide

-We  work in reasonable price.

-We have Male and Female Manaslu Trek Guides.

We have Vehicle service in Kathmandu Nepal

Contact us for Kathmandu to Sotikhola Jeep cost

Our contact booking info for Manaslu Trek Guide

What’sapp: +977-9808042808 (Ras)

Email:  or

Address: Kapan 12 Kathmandu,Nepal

Agency: Enjoy Nepal Treks Expedition & Tours Pvt.Ltd.

Ras Bdr Rai md enjoynepaltreks


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