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Guide in Nepal

We have an experienced, trained, knowledgeable Trekking, Tours, Peak climbing Guide in Nepal.We know the more than 23 best Trekking routes of Nepal. We have wide experience in the Himalayas. We have built  our career from Porters in Nepal Tourism.We have experience for high altitude Himalayas with Nepal Trekkers how to organize the trip and how to well manage. We guide to the tourists not only for Mountains but also for Culture sightseeing in Kathmandu valley, pokhara, lumbini. Find us in Nepal for experienced, trained and very helpful Guide for your an amazing Travel. If you need a experienced, trained, Nepal Government License Holder and very helpful Guide in Nepal, we are ready to assist you for your amazing Nepal Treks.

We are in Kathmandu, We provide you Trekking Guide in Nepal or in Kathmandu for all Nepal’s Treks- Everest Region Treks, Dhaulagiri region Treks, Annapurna Region Treks, Dolpo Region Treks, Kanchenjunga Region Treks, Manaslu Region Treks, Upper Mustang Region Treks, Langtang Region Treks and all.

 How much does the Guide Cost in Nepal? or Porter and Porterguide?

Trekking  Guide or porter and Porter guide cost depends on  Trekking  areas, Trekking categories, Trekking seasons etc.  for the normal  an easy Treks it cost cheaper  and for  an adventure Trekking or high passes Treks it cost an expensive  in Nepal. We expert, experience and strong Trekking Guide, Porter and Porterguide for all Trekking  Nepal Trekking Regions. Which are known as the Annapurna Region Treks, Manaslu Region Treks, Dhaulagiri Region Treks, Kanchenjunga Region Treks, Upper Mustang Region Treks, Langtang Region, Everest Region Treks etc. We provide Trekking Guide in Nepal or Porter and Porterguide from Kathmandu and for the Everest region we provide directly from Lukla,Phaplu. Our Guide, Porter and Porterguide Cost is as bellow:-

Nepal Trekking Guide Cost is 27$ Per day (English Language Speaking Trekking Guide)

Nepal Trekking Guide Cost is 50 Euro Per day (Special German Language Speaking Trekking Guide)

Nepal Trekking Guide Cost is 70 Euro Per day (Special French Language Speaking Trekking Guide)

Nepal Trekking Porterguide Cost is 25$ per day (English Language Speaking Porterguide)

Nepal Culture(Tour) Guide Cost is 40 to 120$ Per day (Culture Tour Guide salary depends on Language)

Nepal Trekking Porterg cost is 20$ Per day

Nepal Trekking Peak Climbing Guide cost is 300$ for summit

In this cost we include Trekking Guide, porter and Porterguide Trekking insurance and we do not include Transport,  that is requested to  Clients  for Guide, Porter and Porterguide Transportation payment .

Guide in Nepal

Why to book Trekking Guides, Porter and Porterguides, Peak climbing Guide with Enjoy Nepal Treks Expedition & Tours  P.Ltd.

Enjoy Nepal Treks Expedition & Tours P.Ltd is Nepal Government registered Trekking Company in Nepal.We have all tourism requires licenses, certificates,Knowledge, Experience.We are able to organize all kinds of Nepal Trekking, peak climbing.In case of an emergency we can rescue our clients and Trekking staffs during the Nepal Travel.We are Local Trekking Agency in Kathmandu Nepal and we are flexible to arrange your Trekking or Peak Climbing Permit with Trekking Guide, Porter, porterguide and peak Climbing Guide services.We are Locals and our company is legal.Our Trekking Guide, Porters they have Trekking insurance through the company. We work on reasonable cost.

Our Expert/Experience and license holder Best Trekking Guides in Nepal with Porters

Santos Rai: Mr.Santos Rai is a young Trekking Guide with us at our company. He was born in Solukhumbu district of Nepal which is called Lower Everest Region or Lower Solu.He is trained and he has Trekking Guide license.He has been working as Trekking Guide in Nepal for Everest areas Trekking,Annapurna Areas Trekking,Manaslu Areas Trekking,Mustang areas Trekking,Dhaulagiri areas Trekking,Kanchenjunga areas Trekking,Dolpo areas Trekking.He speaks an English.He is friendly,flexible,understanding,very helpful and honest best Trekking Guide.Let’s watch on YouTube,What says client about him:-

Guide in Nepal-Santos Rai

Mr Dir Says: He is fully satisfied with his Guide Santosh.

Guide Santosh Reviews

Nir Kumar Rai: Mr.Nir Kumar Rai lives in Kathmandu now although he was born in solukhumbu district(Everest Region) of Nepal, he works as Trekking Guide and Peak climbing Guide. He has  been to Everest Region, Manaslu Region, Langtang Region, Kanchenjunga Region, Dolpo Region and Dhaulagiri as Trekking  Guide and he has climbed Island Peak, Mera Peak with Lobuche Peak in Nepal. Also he did the High Passes Trek Dhaulagiri. He is professional Trekking and Peak Climbing Guide and recommended as the best Guide at our Trekking agency.Watch on YouTube about his expert and experience.


Mr.Jouelyn A says Mr Niru is an amazing excellent Guide.

Guide Niru recommended by Jouelyn A

Mingmar Sharpa : Mr.Mingmar  was born in Everest Region but now he lives in Kathmandu Nepal. He is a knowledge, flexible and experience Germany with English speaking Trekking Guide in  Nepal. Also he has skill of cooking for the Nepal’s camping Trek. He had worked as Camping Trekking cook as well before in Nepal. He is recommended for your Trekking  Guide in Nepal. He has not high altitude sickness problem and speaks fluently English.

Mr.RobynG says Mr Mingmar is Super friendly,best experience and informative so he is so grateful for the recommendation.

Guide Mingmar recommend by Robyng

Mrs. Jennifer S says Mr.Mingmar is a Fantastic,knowledgeable,experience and Funny unforgettable Guide.

Guide Mingmar recommend by Jennifer S

JennyMarieFA says Mr Mingmar was her Guide for Trekking and he was super easy to talk.He is truly a super Intelligent, Kind, friendly and open minded.

Guide Mingmar recommended by JennymarieFa

Mr.Olssen says Mr. Mingmar Guide was like able, competent and informative.

Guide minmar recommended by Olssen

Mrs. Tonia says Mr Mingmar is best Guide,Very happy, 24 hours Daalbhat Power,No Toilet no shower in the Himalayas.

Jiwan Rai:  Mr.Jiwan Rai is more experience Trekking Guide in Nepal. He lives in Lower Everest Region. As Trekking Guide he has been to Everest Region, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Region, Manaslu Region, Kanchenjugna Region, Langtang Region, Upper Mustang ,  Dolpo. He is English speaking Trekking Guide and Camping Cook.

Best Trekking Guide in Nepal-Jiwan Rai

Mr.Fabio Henrique says: His Guide Jiwan was really Nice, Helpful and supported in Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Jiwan Guide Review

Mrs.Sonja B says Mr.Jiwan Guid is friendly,kind and helpful Guide.

Guide Jiwan recommended by Sonja B

Kaman Rai: Mr.Kaman Rai most experience Trekking and Specially Camping Trekking Cook. He has been working in Nepal Tourism around before 40 years ago. He has no place where he had not been trekking areas of Nepal. He is oldest and most experience Trekking with Camping Trekking  Cook at your Agency. He speaks English and lives in Everest Region.

Bal Kumar Magar: Mr.Balkumar Magar is an expert Trekking Guide. He live in Kathmandu now but he is originally from Everest Region of Nepal. He had started his Tourism carrier from Porter and Porterguide but now work as Trekking Guide after long  struggle. He is expert for all Nepal’s Trekking  Routes and speaks English Language. He is with flexibility very understanding Trekking Guide.

Best Trekking Guide in Nepal-Bal Kumar Magar

Helen G says: Mr Bal Kumar Magar was flexible, Take Care and funny Guide that’s why would like to recommend his Guide.

Bal Kumar Magar Review

Jaybir Rai: Mr.Jayabir Rai works as Porterguide now. He is from Everest Region but now lives in Kathmandu Nepal with his family.He is recommended for high Passes Treks in Nepal. He did the more than 6000m high passes adventure treks many time and he did not get the altitude sickness problem.He is the best recommended Porterguide.

Mr.Christian H says Mr.Jayabir is very strong,Helpful,knowledgeable and nice Porterguide.

Guide Jayabir recommended by Christian H

Tes Kumar  Rai: Mr.Tes Kumar works as Trekking Guide since long time. He lives in Everest Region now with his family but as Tourism profession he has been to all Nepal’s Trekking areas. He is introduced as an experience  and high altitude high passes Trekking Guide and camping  cook in Nepal.

Guide in Nepal Kathmandu-Tes Kumar Rai

Bansaman Rai: Mr.Bansaman Rai lives in Kathmandu with his family but he is originally from Everest Region of Nepal. He has more than 20 years Nepal Tourism experience as Porter, Porterguide, Camping Trek Kitchen, Camping Trekking Cook and Trekking Guide. He is expert for speaking English language and he is license holder Trekking in  Kathmandu Nepal. He knows the all Trekking routes of Nepal.

Chandra Pravat Rai: Chandra Pravat  Rai lives in Kathmandu but he came from Everest Region of Nepal. He has been working as Porterguide in Nepal Tourism.

Best Guide in Nepal-Chandra Pravat Rai

Mr.Sunish P says: His Guide was Very Good for ABC Trek.

Guide Reviews Chandra Pravat

 Bishan  Rai: Mr.Bishan Rai lives in Kathmandu but he grew up in Everest Region. He is introduced as Peak  climbing Guide, Trekking Guide and Camping Trekking Cook. He got the Top of 7000m already in Nepal. So he is recommended for Adventure and high passes Trek as your Guide in Nepal. He is  young and gentle energetic strong man.

Best Trekking Guide in Nepal-Bishan Rai

Mr Sarisz P Says: His Guide Bishan was caring, knowledgeable, flexible, friendly and cooperative.

Guide Bishan Review

Saroj  Rai: Mr.Saroj Rai lives in Kathmandu, he is also from Everest Region of Nepal. He is young  and high altitude Trekking Guide and porterguide. He did also the many high passes Treks and adventurous Trek in Nepal. Within the best, he is also recommended as the best Guide and Porterguide. He is ready to work as Guide and Porterguide both.

Guide in Nepal SarojRai

Mr Serge T says: Annapurna Base Camp Trek was really Nice with his Guide Saroj.

Guide reviews Saroj

We have Nepal Female Guide on our Team.

We provide Female Trekking Guide, Culture Female Guides and Female Peak Climbing Guides as well in Nepal. Our Female Guides are also equal to Male Guides. They are also trained, Experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and skillful. Our female Guides are professional. We provide Our Females Guides for Annapurna areas Trekking, Manaslu areas Trekking, Everest areas Trekking, Dolpo areas Trekking, Kanchenjunga areas Trekking, Dhaulagiri areas Trekking, Langtang areas Trekking, Upper Mustang ares Trekking in Nepal. If you are looking for Female Trekking Guide in Nepal, You are welcome on Our female Guide Team.

Nepal Female Guides

Do I need Guide in Nepal Or Trekking in Nepal without a Guide can I do?

According to Nepal Tourism Board(NTB) and TAAN Notice Every Trekkers need to hire Trekking Guide. Trekking has been banned without Trekking Guide in Nepal from 01.April.2023.But still it seems problem in Everest Region between Nepal Tourism Board and Khumbu rural municipality about Trekking Guide. Based on NTB and TAAN Guidelines Trekking Guide is compulsory to hire for Nepal Trekking. It was mandatory to hire Trekking Guide for Restricted Trekking areas before as well and now Tourists have been mandatory to hire Guide for the non-restricted Trekking areas also. Tourists Trekkers need to hire Guide through Trekking agencies and Trekking Permit with TIMS will be issued through the Agency, While issuing Trekking Permit and TIMS Trekking Guide’s insurance is an important. Trekking in Nepal without a  Guide you are not allowed(NTB-TAAN)

How to hire a Guide in Nepal?

We have an experienced Trekking Guides, Tours Guide in Nepal, Peak Climbing Guide in Nepal and expeditions Guide, cycling Guide, Motorbike Guide, Rafting Guide, Bungee Jumping Guide, Canoeing Guide, Bird Watching Guide and we in Kathmandu Nepal. We provide you our Guides as per your need. We are Local Trekking  Agency so you can hire our Guides in reasonable cost with best services. Our Guides are knowledgeable, very helpful, experience and very friendly. They have working since long time in Nepal Tourism sector. To book our Guide email us or text us on What’sapp. As much as possible, We try to reply promptly.

How much to pay a Guide in Nepal?

Guide’s Salary depends on Trekking agencies, Languages and Trekking areas. If you hire English speaking Trekking Guide in Nepal it cost per day 25$ normally and if you  hire German language  speaking Trekking Guide, French language speaking Trekking Guide, Spanish language speaking Trekking Guide, Italian language speaking or any extra language speaking Trekking Guide then the cost will be plus(per day 50$ to 120$) around. As well, if you hire Guide for an adventure Treks, Peak and expedition then cost will be an expensive. for an easy Trek Guide is normal and for an adventure Guide cost will be more expensive in Nepal.

What is Trekking Guide in Nepal?

Trekking guide is known as Himalaya Tourists travel workers who know the Himalayan regions trails, cultures, accommodations, Mountains, people and  have over the 5000 meters walking experience. Hence guide assist to travelers for their travel in Nepal with safety. Guide must be very helpful, understanding, flexible with his honest, he must know about altitude sickness  if the travelers have  altitude sickness problem guide must know how to rescue or pre prevent. Trekking guide is an adventure job in Nepal.

What is Culture Guide in Nepal?

Culture guide is known as not an adventure guide. Culture Guide work with the heritage sites in kathmandu valley, Pokhara, Lumbini.Culture guide let you know about cultures, History, Temples, Gompas, monastery, people, religions of Nepal.Culture Treks Guides work inside the cities and explain about the history in Nepal. And Culture Guide are more educated than the Trekking Guide in Nepal. They speaks better language than the Trekking Guides but they are not fit for the Mountains or Himalayas.

What is peak Climbing Guide in Nepal?

Peak climbing most adventure work in Nepal.Peak climbing  Guide must have Peak Climbing Guide license and he must be strong ,experience about the mountains.In Nepal there are total 27 climbing Peaks that’s why so many Peak climbers are in Nepal. This job is recognized as the  most challenging adventurous, though  Mountaineers are always eager to climb peaks repeatedly with Clients.Peak climber are physically strong and fit as profession and they have well  knowledge of Trekking, Peak climbing Gears, Weather, navigation or about climate and rescue.

Know the some info about Guide before  book your Trek.

-Trekking Guide Age: Trekking Guide age must be 18 to 50 years old.

-Trekking Guide Experience: Trekking Guide experience is very important. Guide must knows the Trekking trail and trekking routes where the travelers want to travel.

-Trekking Guide High altitude health condition: While hiring a guide , travelers must know about his guide high altitude experience. He must be gone over the 5000 meters.And He must be worked as Porter in the beginning.

-Trekking  Guide Qualification: Trekking Guide must have obtained Nepal Government Trekking Guide license in Nepal.And he must have done first aid training.

-Trekking Guide Language: Trekking Guides have to speak fluent English and plus an other languages if he can.

-Trekking Guide must know: Trekking Guide must know Trekking Routes, trails, Accommodation, cultures, Mountains.

-Trekking Guide Insurance: Trekking Guide must have insurance. While hiring a guide be sure with his insurance.

-Hygiene: Guide must be personally hygienic.

-Map reading: Guide must know about map reading with Compass using .

How to arrange Trekking Permit in Nepal?

In Nepal while traveling for Trekking there  are two kinds of Trekking permit  Restricted Trekking permit & Non restricted Trekking Permit. Be sure about the trekking region and trekking permits with TIMS which very important for the travelers. Nepal Restricted Trekking Regions are Upper Mustang Trek, Manaslu Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, Dolpo Trek,Nar phu Trek.Non Restricted Trekking regions are Everest Region,Annapurna Region.

Everest Base Camp Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Everest Base Camp Trek is one the Adventure Trek in Everest Trekking in Nepal.Everest Trek  is highlight with  world highest Mt Everest 8848m.Everest Base Camp Trek is thrilling, inspiring and scenic Trek.Trek is popular with the Several snow covered  peaks , Glaciers, Sherpa Buddhist Culture,Monasteries, Icefall, an exciting Lukla flight.We have well experience about the Everest Base camp trek, we have been many times. If you need Guide in Nepal for Everest Base Camp Trek , we are very please to provide you Guide with safety  for your comfort.

Guide in Nepal

Everest View Hotel Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Travelers who have short time , altitude sickness problem although want see World highest Mt.Everest ,Everest Range Panorama ,Sherpa culture, Monastery then we like to offer you Comfort,short Everest Panorama -Everest Viewl Hotel Trek.From the Everest view Hotel you can enjoy the entire Everest Massif with Mt Everest 8848m.If the Travelers are interested to Everest view Hotel Trek and if you need Guide remember us the Experienced, trained and very Helpful Guide in Nepal.

Guide in Nepal

Gokyo Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Gokyo  Trek is presented as an alternative Trek instead of Everest Base Camp Trek.Gokyo  Trek is an immense of the Mt Everest, Kanchenjunga,Makalu,Thamserku, Chhoyu, Amadablam, Lhotse,Nupse , sacred Gokyo 5 lakes,Sherpa culture, Monastery etc.Gokyo Trek is  known as moderate level trekking in Nepal.If you are planning trek to Gokyo and looking for Guide in Nepal we are please to service you for your Himalayan joy and incredible experience.

Guide in Nepal

Pikey Peak Trek and Guide,Porter, Porterguide service

Mt Everest,Makalu,Kanchenjunga,Langtang and Annapurna range Panorama Trek is called Pikey peak Trek in Lower Khumbu of Nepal in Everest region.Pikey peak trek is comfort, short and an excellent panorama Trek in Nepal.Pikey peak Trek is newly opened trek in Everest Region.It is influenced by Sherpa ,Rai,Tamang Culture and Castes.If the some of travelers are interested  for this Trek find us for an expert, experience Trekking Guide in Nepal.

Guide in Nepal

Tengboche Trek and Guide,Porter, Porterguide service

Tengboche Trek is known as short, comfort, culture and Everest panorama Trek in Everest Trekking Region.Tengboche Trek is known as Winter Trek as well.Tengboche Monastery and Everest panorama is the main highlights of This Trek.Trek has maximum altitude is 3880m.for Tengboche Trek we have quite good experience  as Guide in Nepal.

Ama Lapcha Pass Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

6416 meters an adventure Ama lapcha Pass Trek lies between the Makalu and Everest Region in Nepal.We have an experience about  ama lapcha pass trek as well  as Guide in Nepal.Trek  offer an entire view of Makalu and Everest region with Sherpa culture, monastery.For to Ama lapcha pass travelers need to be physically strong and be sure altitude sickness.The main challenging is altitude sickness for the travelers because  of  high elevation.

Guide in Nepal

Arun Valley Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Arun Valley Trek is very comfort low elevation Trek in Nepal within the Makalu and Everest region.Arun valley trek is known as muti cultures and muti mountains panorama with Nepali rhododendron flowers, Banana trees, Milet, Maiz field.Arun Valley trek is also newly opened Trek in Nepal.It is one of the highly recommended new trekking trail in Nepal.Travelers get really Trekking  experience.We would like to share experience  about Arun valley trek as  Guide in Nepal for memorable Trekking in Nepal.

Guide in Nepal

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek and Guide,Porter, Porterguide service

Low elevation ,Dense Rhododendron forest,Short,comfort, most picturesque  Annapurna  Range Panorama Trek is called Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek in Nepal.Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is very touristic hustle and bustle trek.Our  mostly organizing  busy Trek is Ghorepani Poon Hill trek.For an excellent Panorama and experience Guide in Nepal remember us.We are very please to serve you.

Guide in Nepal

Annapurna Circuit Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Annapurna Circuit Trek is classic Trek in Nepal with an excellent Annapurna massif view,Tibetan culture,Thakali Culture,High Thorong la pass,Ice Lake,Muktinath Temple,Deepest Kaligandaki River, Dazzling Marsyandi river.We have been serving as Guide in Nepal for Annapurna circuit Trek as well since long time with an experience.

Guide in Nepal

Mohare Danda Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Mohare Danda Trek is known as Annapurna Massif and Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek with an easy,comfort,short,Rhododendron,pine trees in the Himalaya of Annapurna region.As Guide in Nepal we like to recommend Mohare Danda Trek is Himalayan paradise Trek for Himalayan enthusiast travelers. Mountain Beauties and landscapes are  amazing ,gorgeous.

Guide in Nepal

Rhododendron Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Rhododendron Trek offers over the 32 species Rhododendron with an amazing view of Annapura and Dhaulagiri range. Rhododendron Trek is as view point Trek.It is an easy,short, comfort Trek in Nepal in Annapurna Region. Rhododendron Trek is low elevation Trek.

Guide in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is another short Trek and moderate trek in Annapurna region near to the Pokhara.Annapurna Range,Dhaulagiri range panorama Trek is known Annapurna Base Camp Trek as well in Nepal.Trek goes through the Bamboo forest and Rhododendron forest along the Mardi River.This trek is also very busy trek in Nepal.We have been providing service to travelers as guide in Nepal for Annapurna Base Camp Trek since long Time.

Guide in Nepal

Mardi Himal Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Mardi Trek lies near to the Pokhara city.Mardi Himal Trek is very easy,short, comfort trek in Annapurna region with an awesome Annapura range Panorama.Trek goes through the Rhododendron and Bamboos Trees with the beautiful villages.As guide in Nepal our highly recommended trek is Mardi Himal Trek also.Mardi Himal trek is also newly opened trek in Annapurna Region.Mardi Himal Trek is best for Winter Trek also because of low elevation.

Guide in Nepal

Khopra Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Khopra Trek is known as Community Trek. Trekking is run by Magar Community. Trek offers an incredible view of Annapurna massif, Dhaulagiri massif.khopra trek we have organize in winter also. Weather was  so nice and panorama.It is an another newly opened Trek in Annapurna Region.Khopra Trek can be done according travelers needs short or long.Trek has a lot alternative routes.Trek goes through villages, Rhododendron forest, Bamboo trees, pine tress.

Guide in Nepal

Langtang Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

As Guide in Nepal we have been organizing langtang Trek as well which is very beautiful with  langtang village, Langtang Himalayan range panorama, Tibetan Cultures, Rhododendron forest,Ganesh Himal Range,Langtag dazzling river, langtang national park etc.

Guide in Nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Manaslu trek lies within the Tibetan village between the Manaslu and Annapurna region.While entering the Manaslu Trek ,Travelers need to obtain special Trekking permits  and need be minimum 2 persons to get permits.Permit issued by  Nepal Government Registered Trekking Company.We have been organizing Manaslu Trek since long time.We provide the special Trekking permit and Guide in Nepal from our Registered Trekking Company.

Guide in Nepal

Rupi Nala pass Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Ruinala pass Trek lies within the Manaslu Trek.rupi nala pass Trek  offers Manaslu,Ganesh Himal,Langtang, Budha Himal massif.Trek goes through the former kingdom Gorkha disdrict amd tibetan village.It is moderate Camping Trek in Nepal.

Guide in Nepal

Upper Mustang Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Former kingdom upper Mustang Trek is very Popular Trek in Nepal.Trek presents the unique landscape structures   like Redcliff, canyons, Tibetan village, Caves, very Monasteries, lungatas, dry land and Dhaulari,Nilgiri,tiliche peak,tukuche peak.While entering the Upper mustang Travelers need to obtain special Trekking permits which is very important. Upper Mustang Trek is also our special recommend Trekking.In this region as well we have been organizing as Guide in Nepal since many years.

Guide in Nepal

Dolpo Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Dolpo Trek is known as remote Trek in Nepal.We have experience as Guide in Nepal for Dolpo Trek.We have done many times Dolpo Trek.Dolpo is known the settlement of Tibetan Buddhist People.They had migrated from Tibet in ancient period.Dolpo trek also restricted Trekking area in Nepal. Travelers must obtain the special Trekking permits.

Guide in Nepal

Kanchenjunga Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Kanchenjunga Trek offers an Kanchenjuga Himal and Everes panorama.kanchenjuga Trek goes through the Limbu village and Tibetan village.It also also restricted Trekking area in Nepal. Travelers must obtain the special permit from Nepal Registered Trekking Company.we provide the permits and Guide in Nepal for Kanchenjunga as well.

Guide in Nepal

Nar Phu Trek and Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Nar phu Trek is less touristic area near to the Annapurna circuit trek.Narphu trek provides Nar phu Tibetan village, Khongbala pass,Manaslu and Annapurna range Panorama.It is also another restricted trekking area in Nepal.Travelers need to obtain special Trekking permit from Nepal government registered Trekking company.

Guide in Nepal

(Imja Tse) Island Peak and Peak climbing Guide, Porter, Porterguide service

Island peak is very popular and challenging peak in Everest Region.Peak offers the best view of Mt Everest, AmaDablam,Lhotse,Nupse,Thamserku,Pumari,Ama lapcha pass,Kong de ri etc.And Sherpa culture, old Buddhist monasteries. While climbing the peak ,need to take climbing permit from Agency.We have been providing the climbing permit from our agency since man years with Guide in Nepal.

Island Peak Photos

Our Contact info for Guide Booking

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Address: Kapan 12 Kathmandu,Nepal

Agency: Enjoy Nepal Treks Expedition & Tours Pvt.Ltd.

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