Nepal Trekking Season: Nepal Travel Time/Nepal Weather

Nepal Trekking Season

Based on Geography, weather  changing  condition, Temperature  Nepal’s climate has been categorized in  four seasons. Although   Nepal Trekking Season is considered Autumn & Spring. Hence the year is made by different  seasons in Nepal.As well as  Nepal has own typical local seasons according to Nepali Calendar. The season has been  divided in six  categories.

(A) Basanta Ritu- It lies in Spring

(B) Shishir Ritu-It lies in Winter

(C) Hemata Ritu-It lies in Late Autumn.

(D)Sharad Ritu-It lies in Early Autun

(E) Barkha Ritu-It lies in Summer

(F)Grishma Ritu-It lies in early summr


Nepal Trekking Season:-

Autumn Season [September/October/November]: In this months  traveling temperature is moderate, sky is normally clear, fresh air, rare rainy, gigantic Himalayan Mountain Panorama, a pleasant spectacular greenery  Landscape,  above the 5000meters normally light snow and storms. At this time falls Dashain & Tihar festival  of Hindus people.It is the worshiped & Family, relatives gathering time for Hindus. Hindus people are colorful & great joyful  during the festival. This time For the trekkers it is the touristic hustle and bustle season. It is known main Trekking season  in Nepal.Everest trekking,Annapurna Trekking and langtag trekking regions  are  really full of tourists.


Spring Season [March/April/May]: Most popular another Nepal  Trekking Season is known spring season in Nepal.March and April months are known by rhododendron blossom time in Nepal and expedition season.Walking through the blossom rhododendron carpet with the magical dramatic mountains view,it is defined as paradise trekking in Nepal.In such trek -Example trekking Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek,Everest view Hotel Trek with Thame, Langtang Gosaikuda Trek, Pikey Trek, Arun Valley Trek,Kanchenjunga Trek,Mohare Danda Trek,Rhododendron Trek, Mardi Himal Trek.



Winter Season [Dec/Jan/Feb] : Winter season is considered as Cold season in Nepal.For the high passes Trekking it is uncomfortable trekking time in Nepal because  Snowfalls time at the high elevation.But Weather is very nice at this time, sky is really clear.It is known as off season in Nepal. Although Temperature is cold, low elevation trekking is possible to do. Recommended  Trekking packages are Everest view Hotel Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill trek,Mohare danda Trek, Khora Trek, Pikey Trek, Arun Valley Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek.It is peaceful ,less crowded Trekking time.


Summer Season [June/July/August]: This season is known as heavy rainy, thunderstorm, wet & Hot temperature season in Nepal.But desert lands Trekking is very popular  at this time.It means, rare rainy in desert lands .Recommended month  is August .During this months ,Nepal’s  desert lands  Mustang Trek, Dolpo Treks  are recommended. For farmers it is one of the  main farming season in Nepal.



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