Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek with Porter and Guide: Cost & Permit info

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek with Porter and Guide

Are you planning for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek with Porter and Guide by hiring in Nepal?

If you are planning for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek with Porter and Guide, yes we are pleased to introduce ourselves. We have Strong and experience Team(porter and Guide for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek).

Way to Dhaulagiri Trekking

What are the Porter and Guide Qualities Require for  Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

-Porter and Guide need to be strong  and do not have altitude sickness problem.

-Porter and Guide need to have proper Trekking equipment.

-Porter and Guide need be very helpful and supportive.

-Porter and Guide need to be friendly.

-Guide need to know well about the Dhaulagiri Trekking Route or Trail.

-Guide need to know about Camping Tent fixing and Cooking.

-Guide need to know about Rope fixing.

-Guide need to know about Weather Forecast.

-Guide need have a good contact with Helicopter Service Travel.

-Guide need to have a great leadership.

-Guide need to speak fluently English for the well communicates.

How much does it cost Porter and Guide for  Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

When you do Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek with Porter and Guide it cost normally high because of Adventures. Cost is as bellow:-

Porter Cost 25$ Per day.

Guide Cost 30$ Per day.

Who pays accommodation and meals for Porter and Guide in Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

In above the mentioned cost Porter and guide pays their accommodation and food themselves.

How about the insurance for Porter and Guide in Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek? And How much does it cost? Why?

For the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek insurance is very important for Porter and guide. It cost per person 50$. This insurance will be valid during the Dhaulagiri Trek. In Case of  porter and Guide accident during the Trek, When you have insurance then insurance Company will be Responsible for it. Otherwise, clients need be responsible.

Who pays Transportation for Porter and Guide while doing Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

-Transportation is not included in above the mentioned cost, Client need to pay all necessaries Transportation for Porter and Guide while doing Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek.

How to Trust our  Porter and Guide are strong and Experience for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

Our Porter and Guide had been there and safety succeed the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek.

Check us on YouTube and Photos.

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Dhaulagiri Camping Tents

Which equipment are an important  for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek? And Why?

-Camping Tent, cooking Tent, Kitchen Tent, Dinning Tent, Shower Tent, Cooking Gas or kerosene, cooking kitchen Sets are most important besides essential Meals. You must have because during the pass there are no lodges.

How to get above the mentioned important equipment for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

-We are legally Registered Trekking Company in Nepal. We have all necessaries Camping equipment therefore, you can hire with us.

How to Manage Trekking permit for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek?

-We are legally Registered Trekking Company in Nepal. That’s why, We can assist you for your Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking Permit.

If you need itinerary for Dhaulagiri Trek Click on highlight link

Note: If you need Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek with Porter and Guide, we are ready to assist you.

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Dhaulagiri Trekking Itinerary in Tentative

Day 01:   Kathmandu –Pokhara  827m.Drive 7h./fly 25 Minutes

Driving Time: 7h.

Overnight: Hotel              

Day 02:   Pokhara-Beni-Mauwaphant 1240m.

Driving Time: 3/4h.(110km)

Walking Time:3h.approx (4.5km)/450m+and 50m-

Overnight: Lodge

Day 03:   Mauwaphant 1240m.-Dagnam 1750m.-Ekrate Gaun 1700m.  5/6h.

Walking Time:5/6h.approx (8.5km)/950m+and 600m-

Overnight: Lodge            

Day 04:   Ekrate Gaun 1700m.-Pahiro Kharka 2150m. 5hrs approx.

Walking Time:5h.approx (8.5km)/850m+and 370m-

Overnight: Lodge         


Day 05:   Pahiro Kharka 2150m.-Malampara 2150m.6/7h.

Walking Time:6/7h.approx/650m+and 580m-

Overnight: Lodge      


Day 06:   Malampara 2150m.-Malampara Pass 2950m. 6/7h.

Walking Time:6/7h.approx(6.5km)/1340m+and 800m-

Overnight: Lodge         

Day 07:   Malampara Pass-Sinkos Khola 1600m.-Bagar(Jeltung 1900m.) 6/7h.

Walking Time:6/7h.approx(8.5km)/450m+and 1300m-

Overnight: Lodge         

Day 08:   Bagar(Jeltung 1900m.) -Lipse-Dobang 2550m. 6/7h.

Walking Time:6/7h.approx /1110m+and 300m-

Overnight: Lodge      


Day 09:   Dobang 2550m.-Choriban 3050m. 5/6h.

Walking Time:5/6h.approx /500m+

Overnight: Lodge            

 Day 10:   Choriban 3050m.-Italian Base Camp 3650m. 3/4h.

Walking Time:3/4h.approx /600m+

Overnight: Tent      

Day 11:   Rest day at Italian Base Camp 3650m.

Overnight: Tent        

Day 12:   Italian Base Camp 3650m.-Glacier Camp 4200m. 4/5h.

Walking Time:4/5h.approx /700m+and 150m-

Overnight: Tent       

Day 13:   Glacier Camp 4200m.-Dhaulagiri Base Camp 4650m. 4h.

Walking Time:4h.approx /650m+and 100m-

Overnight: Tent      

Day 14:   Dhaulagiri Base Camp 4650m-French Col 5360m-Hidden Valley 5100m. 6/7h.

Walking Time:6/7h.approx /800m+and 400m-

Overnight: Tent               

Day 15:   Dhampus peak(Thapa peak) Climbing 6o12m. and trek to Alu Bari 3600m. 8/9h.

Walking Time:8/9h.approx /900m+and 16500m-

Overnight: Tent               

Day 16:   Alu Bari-Marpha 2650m.-Jomsom 2720m. 3h.walking/1h.drive

Walking Time:3h.approx /930m-

Driving Time: 1h.

Overnight: Lodge

Day 19:   Jomsom 2720m.-Pokhara 25 Minutes flight

flyingTime: 25 minutes.

Overnight: Hotel              

Day 20: Pokhara (827m.) to Kathmandu 25 minutes Flight  /7-8 hours drive

Overnight: Hotel 3 stars

Flight time: 25 minutes

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