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Please Note: – Travel Insurance is mandatory for booking any of the Ace the Himalaya’s tour and packages.

Traveling is full of fun and adventure but be prepared for RISKS! One might face lots of difficulties especially while traveling in the Himalayas. You may suffer from various health problems, injuries and even altitude sickness. Hence, you have to be prepared earlier if your upcoming destination is this mountainous land.

At times, even a helicopter may be needed along with a rescue team, for ground evacuation and rescuing. So, every traveler MUST have the insurance covered. Start your trip with all the necessary health & traveling insurances for your safety.

There is whole lot of Insurance companies providing you travel Insurance service over the Internet that you can choose form according to your convenience. But you need to strictly be aware of the fact that the policy the insurance company provides should cover the process of giving you the service of Helicopter rescue from the mountains in case of Altitude Sickness or other accidents during your trip.

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