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Safe Drinking Water in Trekking?

We suggest you to drink boiled filtered water. Boiled water can be obtained at the lodges ( small payment may be required) or bring chlorinated tablets to purify the normal water .
Accommodation during trekking?

During your trek you are accommodated in a tea house (mountain lodge). A Tea House is the combination of guest house, restaurant, and social hang out. The rooms are sparse with twin beds and very little additional furniture. Blankets are generally provided.

We suggest you to bring following equipment for your trek. The list can be adjusted according to your needs, duration of trek, location of trek etc
Meals during trekking?

Whilst ‘Tea House trekking’ you will usually have breakfast and dinner in the lodge; lunch will be eaten at one of the trail side restaurants. Every Tea House serves the traditional Nepali meal Dal Bhat (rice and lentils), as well as a variety of different foods, such as rice, vegetables, breads and curry.
Trekking Team (Guide, Porter)

We offer you an experienced trekking guide. He is in charge of your overall trekking. This is the person you should go to with all problems, concerns and questions. He is well trained in all aspects of trekking, high altitude medicine, first aid and emergency procedure.

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